How to draw the 8 pointed star / khatim motif

In islamic art, the 8-pointed star motif is referred to as khatim or khatim-sulayman, meaning "seal of the prophets". Follow the step by step instructions to draw one of the most common motifs in islamic art.

Step 1. Draw a straight line with a ruler and a pencil in the middle of a blank page.

Step 2. Draw a cirlce with any radius in the middle of the line, using a compass.

Step 3. With the same radius draw two more circles, as shown in the image below.

Step 4. Draw with the compass two Large circles, as shown in the image below

Step 5. Draw a line as shown in the image below

Step 6. Use the compass to take the measurements of the previous radious. Draw two circles as shown in the image below. 

Step 7. Draw a square at the intersections of the circles.

Step 8. Add the diagonal lines.

Step 9. Draw a smaller square.

Step 10. Draw a 45 rotated square.

Step 11. The 8 pointed star has already shaped.

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