Coloring Pages that could inspire textile designers

Coloring Pages and Coloring Books are already a classic trend for both kids and adults. Colorists claim that their work is not only addictive but also original and creative. It is true that many coloring pages are so well designed and colored in that they could easily be categorized as art pieces, worth to be framed and displayed. Both the illustrator of a coloring page and the colorist contribute to the final result. There are many black and white illustrations and designd that could be transfered to textile prints, stitching, applique etc. Take a look at some coloring pages that could probably inspire a textile artist and designer. 

Zentanlge inspired hand drawn page by JoArtyJo

A complex vegetal mandala that could work as a surface stitching pattern by embroideryboom 
Page taken from the coloring book Symbiosis by Spacefruit

 Paisley Seahorse Colouring Page by KatiePackerArtist 


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