Tutorial 06: Stitching Sunset Flower

In this project you will stitch a floral synthesis, inspired by Gaillardia Sunset spice. Before you start stitching it is a good idea to search for relevant photos to see how the real flower looks like.
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  • Anchor 303 (Yellow)
  • Anchor 45 (dark Red)
  • Anchor 264 (Green)
  • Anchor 265 (Green)
  • Anchor 268 (Green)

1. Download and print the design. The size of the motif is about 9X15cm but feel free to scale it up or down in size to suit your need.
flower, motif, floral motif

2. Transfer the design on the fabric using carbon paper.

3. Hoop the fabric. Take 2 strands of yellow thread (Anchor 303) and split stitch the petals' outlines. Try to stitch following one direction (for example clockwise or counter clockwise).
split stitch, project, emboirderym flower, sunset,

4. Take one strand of Anchor 45 and chain stitch the inner veins.

5. You are going to stitch the core of the flower with french knots. Take 2-strands of Anchor 45 and work with french knots the outline of the core.
french knots, flower

6. If you search for photos of the Gaillardia Sunset spice flower you ll notice that the very center of the flower is dark yellow.  So, take 2 strands of Anchor 303 and stitch a few French knots around the center of the core. Because the view of the flower is rather perspective, work the knots a few mm above the center.
embroidery, stitching, flower

7. Next you are going to mix threads of different color. Thread the needle with 1 strand on Anchor 303 and 1-strand of Anchor 45. Work some French knots from the center outwards.

8. Work the rest of the core with French knots. Use 2-strands of Anchor 45.

French knot is ideal for stitching pollen and other textured surfaces. 
Stitching, embroidery, flower, sunset flower

Working the stem and the leaves. 
1.Take 2-strands of light green (Anchor 264) and back stitch the outline of the stem.
2. Pad the stem with 2-strands of thread (Anchor 264). You can work the padding with any stitch you like, such as stem stitch, split stitch, back stitch, satin stitch etc.
3. After finishing the padding, satin stitch the stem. Use 1-strand of Anchor 264.
satin stitch, flower

4. Follow the same process and satin stitch the bottom part of the stem.

5. Back stitch the outline of the half leaf using 2-strands of Anchor 265.
6. Pad the inner area with any type of stitches using 2-strands of Anchor 265.
7. Satin stitch the half of the leaf using 1 strand of Anchor 264. The stitches should be slightly diagonal.

8. Work the other half of the leaf following the same process. Use 2-strands of Anchor 264 and split stitch the outline. Pad the inner area of the leaf and satin stitch with 1-strand of thread.

9. Chain stitch the central vein using 1-stand of Anchor 268.
stitch, embroidery, flower, how to stitch flowers

10. Stitch the front leaf using Anchor 268 and Anchor 265. To give to the flower a more sketchy look I split stitched the stem and the leaves with 1 strand of Anchor 268.

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