Feather Stitch

Feather stitch or featherstitch is a decorative stitch used to create branch-looking borders, curves or even fillings. Technically, the stitch consists of a series of open, looped stitches alternating to the right and left of the basic design line. 


1. When working feather stitches you need to follow a design line, as well as two imaginary lines that run parallel to the basic line- each imaginary line on each side. So draw with a pencil a straight or curved line. Thread your needle and bring the needle from back to front through point (1). The stitching starts from top to bottom and from left to right. 
2. Move the needle to the right and directly across to the first point. Pass the needle to the back through point (2). Pull gently leaving a small loop.
3. Bring the needle to the front, through point (3) passing the needle and thread through the loop.
4. Pull tight to secure the loop. You have completed the first slanting stitch. 
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5. Because the spines of feather stitches point in alternate direction you must move your thread to the left directly across the previous point and bring the needle to the back through point (4). Do not pull to tight to leave a small loop.  
6. Bring the needle up through point (5) passing the needle through the loop. 
7. Pull the thread all the way through securing the loop in place. 

8. Alternate direction and make a feather stitch pointing to the right. 

9. Alternate direction and make a feather stitch pointing to the left. 
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Continue working the stitch in this manner until the line is complete.

How to end the feather stitched line: After the last loop, bring the needle from front to back making a small running stitch. 

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