Bullion Knot or Bullion Stitch

Bullion knot or bullion stitch gives an embossed look to the surface. It can be used as an accent or grouped together to create a dense texture. 

1. Bring the needle from back to front through point (1) and from front to back through point (2). The distance between these two points will determine the length of the knot. Leave a loop.
2. Bring the needle partly to the front at point (1).
bullion, knot, stitch

3. Wind the thread around the needle anticlockwise 5-6 times. The  number of loops depends upon the length of the bullion required. This is because the distance of the wound thread should measure the same as the distance between 1 and 2.

bullion, knot, stitch

4. Hold the wrapped thread with you thumb and forefinger of one hand and pull the needle out, through the coil with the other hand. Push the top of the coil down while pulling the thread. If you find it difficult to pull the needle try to twist it with your fingers. This trick helps a lot. 

bullion, knot, stitch

5. Keep pulling the needle till the end of the thread. 

6. Let the coil lie flat on the fabric. Put in the needle back through point (2)

It is preferable to use a milliners needle because the needle has the same thickness throughout its length and the same thickness as the eye.

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