Textile Art and Architecture: a short comment

The term "Textile Art" or "Textile Arts" is rather difficult to define. Is it craft or fine art? Is it necessary to always have a functional aspect or not? Is it about surface or three-dimensional objects? However the word "textile" suggests clearly specifics materials, such as fibers and fabrics and techniques such as knitting, weaving, stitching and sewing. 

But, textile art is not only materials and techniques and in that sense it resembles to the practice of architecture, where materials and construction techniques are combined to create space. So, both architecture and textiles are an amalgam of materials, techniques, design and spirit.

There is also a large area where textile art meets architecture, especially when architecture embraces the qualities of textiles to create flexible shelters and tents. 
textile, architecture, fabric
A Nez Perce tent 


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