Series of short videos about Kuna society and Mola art

Tribal wives BBC: Some British women swap their lives for life as tribal wives in some of the most remote communities on earth.

Episode A: Crabs in the shower. At 2:08 you'll see local women sewing their molas

Episode B: Drinking & Celebrations. Watch the red and yellow scarf (indication of a married woman) and generally the traditional costume of Kuna women.

Kuna Yala: A surviving culture.

In this video you can see the change from traditional Kuna costume to western style fashion. At least for the children.

Kuna Yala: The footage is from a documentary by John McKay and Kathryn Lipke-Vigessa.  

A video from Panama coast to the islands.  

A video about molas in Spanish  

Kuna Yala: Dance

1958 Kuna Indians (Human studies Smithsonian institution)


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