Stem Stitch

Stem stitch, also known as crewel or stalk stitch, is used mostly for outlines (branches, stems, etc) and also for fillings. Stem stitches are placed very closed together creating the stem effect.

1. If your are right handed it is better to start from left to right or from top to bottom. Pass your needle and knotted thread from back to front through point (1).
2. Draw your needle to the right and slightly down. Bring your needle from front to back through point (2) creating a light diagonal stitch.
3. About half way cross of the first stitch, draw your needle from back to front through point (3).
4. Pass your needle from front to back through point (4) creating a second diagonal stitch.
instructions, stem stitch

Continue in this way until the line is complete. The length of each stitch should be as identical as possible. Smaller stitches yield smoother lines especially on curves.

Stem Stitch Diagram. 

Embroidered samples with stem stitch
kids embroidery, sweet embroidery, fairy tail embroidery, stem stitch
Both fillings and outlines were made with stem stitch/ Artist: Anna Bonarou

stem stitch filling, modern embroidery, modern craft, contemporary embroidery, contemporary craft
Stem stitch filling / Artist: Anna Bonarou


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