Mola tutorial 05: Introduction to three-layer mola

One of the most basic mola techniques, especially for making geometric molas is the three-layer reverse applique technique or three-color mola.

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Step 1: Select three pieces of solid color fabric (around 13''x6'' large). 
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Step 2: Print the following pattern. Trace the pattern onto the red piece of fabric. You can trace it either by using carbon paper or by drawing the pattern directly onto the fabric with a pencil. The channel, should be about 1/2 inch in width. 
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Print the text
Trace the pattern onto the fabric
Step 3: Pin or Baste the pieces together, one on top of the other. Keep the edges aligned.
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Lay the fabrics, one on top of the other and pin or baste them together.

Step 4: With scissors, pierce the red fabric at any point within the channel and cut a few inches. 
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Step 5: The cutting will reveal the middle layer of fabric. Fold the edge of the top layer under, and start stitching with small invisible hem stitches and with thread which matches the color of the top layer, from right to left through all the three layers. 
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Step 6: Continue cutting and stitching the rest of the channel in the same way, until the 'M' is fully shaped. 
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Step 7: After finishing the red layer, start cutting a slit within the beige channel (the middle layer).  
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Step 8: Fold the edges under, forming an outline of beige. Stitch the second layer with hem stitch through all the two layers. 

The channel of blue will be about 1/4 inch in width. The outline of beige will be about 1/8 inch width.
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Complete the word 'Mola'. This was an introductory tutorial. In more complex designs, the result is more impressive.

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