The log Cabin patchwork block

The log-cabin method is an easy type of patchwork, ideal for beginners, made of simple strips of fabric. The following project presents on the one hand the log cabin method and on the other how a finished patchwork can be further modified into an abstract composition.
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They were selected two types of fabric:
  • A dark blue cotton.
  • A white cotton fabric dyed with shibori method (tie and dye). Shibori is a fantastic way to dye your fabrics and by this to create unexpected patterns onto the surface. 
shibori, tie and dye, indigo dyeing

Phase A: Make the log Cabin patchwork
Step 1: Begin by cutting a rectangle out of the blue fabric (usually the log cabin method begins with a square but I wanted to experiment with a rectangle). Cut also a long strip out of the shibori fabric. The measurements are only indicative and you can apply your own measurements. You can also pre-cut several strips out of both fabrics.
log cabin tutorial

Step 2: Sew these pieces with their right sides together and their edges aligned. Note, that it is necessary to iron each seam after you sew it. 
patchwork how to, patchwork tutorial

Step 3: The shibori fabric is longer that the blue fabric so you need to cut it with rotary cutter or scissors. 

The patchwork, as far as now. 
patchwork tutorial, patchwork how to,

Step 4: Take another blue strip and place it over the previous seamed pieces. Sew, the pieces together, with a seam allowance of 1/4''. Cut again the part of fabric that exceeds. 

patchwork tutorial, patchwork, log cabin patchwork

Step 5: Cut another strip out of the shibori fabric and place it at the right side of the seamed pieces. Sew them together and cut the part of the fabric that exceeds. 

Step 6. Continue working by adding more strips in a circular way, until you are satisfied with the result .

log cabin patchwork, patchwork tutorial

log cabin patchwork, log cabin patchwork tutorial

blue patchwork, patchwork with shibori, shibori, log cabin patchwork

Phase B: Modify the log cabin patchwork into an abstract composition.  

Rotate the piece 45 degrees and cut in into equal width strips, with the roller cutter. 

Rearrange the pieces to make an interesting composition. Add white strips of strong canvas fabric at both ends of the patchwork strips, to make them longer. Sew the strips together. 
modern patchwork, contemporary patchwork, shibori, patchwork

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