Pile effect with yarn

Create a fuzzy surface with pile using common knitting yarn and the sewing machine. 
textile surface, surface design, pile

Step 1. Take a piece of fabric and one or two knitting yarns. Opt for vivid and light colors. 
Wool knitting yarn, knitting yarn

Step 2. Cut several pieces of yarn and arrange them haphazardly onto the piece of fabric. 
knitting yarn,

Step 3. Take a piece of paper and place it above the yarns and the fabric. Pin the fabric and the paper together making a “sandwich”.
paper and textile, paper and fabric

Step 4. With the sewing machine stitch the layers together, creating parallel stitching lines. 
sewing machine art, sewing machine ideas, craft with sewing machine

Step 5. Remove the paper by soaking the fabric in warm water for some time. The paper will be dissolved.
knitting yarn, sewing machine art, pile effect, surface design

3d surface design

Step 6. Cut the knitting yarns by placing the scissors between the machine stitched lines. Scrub gently the surface to create the pile. 
knitting yarn, pile effect,

Step 7. Cut the edges of the fabric with a roller cutter to create a square. 


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