Patchwork tote bag with lining

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The tote bag is probably the easiest bag to make. You can make a tote bag by sewing almost all kind of fabrics. You can also reuse leftover fabrics or recycle old fabrics.

1. Cut two 14''x16'' rectangles of outer fabric. In this project, we used dyed and other leftover pieces, joined together, to make the front side of the bag. The measurements are only indicative.

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The exterior sides. The left piece was made by piecing together scrap fabric and leftover pieces. 

2. Cut two 14''x16'' rectangles of inner (lining) fabric
The lining pieces

3. Make two handles, 24'' length each.
bag handles
The handles
4. Pick a handle and place it on the top edge of the exterior fabric. Measure in 4'' from bag sides for handle placement and make sure handles are not twisted. Baste the handles with the exterior fabric or pin them together. 
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This will be the front, outer size of the bag

5. Bring next to the front exterior fabric one of the inner fabrics.
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Place the outer, front fabric next to the inner fabric
6. Lay the inner fabric on top of the outer fabric (right sides together) and align their edges. Pin the fabrics together and sew with a 1/4'' seam allowance only the top side.

7. Unfold the piece and press the seam with iron.
how to make a bag with lining
The top edges of the outer and inner fabric are sewn together. 
8. Follow the same instructions and sew the other two pieces and the second handle together.
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9. Take, the two long fabric rectangles with the attached handles and place them, one on top of the other, right sides together.
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10. Make sure the edges are aligned. Baste the fabrics together with thread or pin them. 

11. With the sewing machine, stitch a 1/4'' seam all the way around the tote, leaving a 4'' opening. Through this hole, you'll turn the tote bag right side out.
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12. Place your hand inside the 4'' opening and pull fabrics and handles through the hole, turning the tote bag right-side out. 

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13. Sew the opening, left in the previous step. 

14. Press the bag with the iron to take its form. The tote bag is ready. 
patchwork bag

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