Mola tutorial 04: Two-layer mola on a grid

Create a contemporary, geometric style mola using two layers of contrasting fabrics. The design is based on a typical grid and it develops in a rather random way. This means that the final result will be unexpected and unique. 

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Step 1: Take two pieces of fabric (10'' X 10''). Select contrasting colors, like for example purple and orange, green and red etc. 
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Step 2: Lay the pieces of fabric, one on top of the other. The grain of each piece should match the grain of the other or lie at right angles to it. Draw with a ruler and a pencil, directly onto the fabric, four lines, at 1'' from the edges, creating a frame
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Step 3: With a colored pencil and a patchwork ruler draw a grid of parallel lines of 1/4''.

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 Step 4: Baste the fabrics together with the edges aligned. 
grid on fabric, mola step by step

Step 5: With sharp pointed scissors cut through the top layer of the two pieces of fabric. Cut right in the middle, between the grid lines. Fold one side of the cutting edge and turn it under the top layer create gradually yellow channels. 
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Step 6: Complete the design by creating random channels, labyrinths, crosses, etc. 
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The piece can be used to make an ethnic mola, a cushion, to decorate a cloth, etc.


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