Mola tutorial 03- A complex two-layer geometric mola

Many typical molas are complex geometric two-color designs. Common patterns are mazes, crosses, triangles, plant shapes, stylized animals and other shapes. The pattern is usually repeated in horizontal and vertical strips. 

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Step 1. Cut two rectangles of solid color fabric (size about 24''X30''). Pick contrasting colors like orange and blue. 

Step 2. Download and print the following decorative pattern. Because it is larger than an A4 piece of paper, you have to print it either in a print house or to print it partially at you own printer and join the pieces together. 
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Step 3. Transfer with carbon paper the design to one of the two pieces of fabric (for example to the orange piece). Lay the fabrics together, one on the top of the other and baste them with thread. Tack with stitches over the design lines. 

Step 4. With the scissors start cutting through the top layer, inside the channel. Snip tacking thread. As you have seen in the previous tutorial, mola technique begins by cutting the top layer, folding under each side of the cut and stitching- first one side and then the other. The process is time consuming but rewording
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The final piece


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