Mola Collections and resources

Molas are handmade items that represent the culture of Kuna Indians and are highly collective. Several museum own great collections of authentic molas. Before, trying to make your own mola, it is worth to take a look at original pieces. 

Online mola collections

1. The Kuna Indians 
2. The History of the Kuna Indians 
3. Panama Kuna tribe and ecotourism
4. Panama, Cuna 
5. Background information: What is a mola
6. Learning to look: Molas 

1. Ahora todos somos Panamenos: Kuna identity and Panamanian nationalism under the torrijos regime, 1968-1981 (By Sarah Fos)

1. The Art of Being Kuna: Layers of Meaning Among the Kuna of Panama


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