Long-Arm cross stitch

The Long-Arm cross stitch, also known as plaited slav stitch and long legged cross stitch is a variant of the traditional cross stitch. It can be used in counted thread embroidery to create beautiful borders and frames.
plaited slav stitch, long legged cros

The stitch is worked in a similar way as the standard cross stitch, since each stitch is made from a group of two separate diagonal stitches. The only difference is that the second diagonal stitch is elongated.
Long-Arm cross stitch instructions, step by step, needlepoint stitches step by step

Step 1: You will start your thread in the upper-left corner of the square you want to stitch. Bring the needle from back to front through hole (1). Pass the needle back through hole (2). You've just completed a half cross stitch.
Step 2: Bring the needle up through hole (3), which is the lower-left corner of the square. Now, instead of passing the needle through the upper-right corner of the square, you'll pass it through hole (4), which is the upper right-corner of the next square.
Step 3: To start the next stitch, bring the needle up through hole (5), which is the remaining corner of the first square and down through hole (6).
Step 4: Bring the needle up through hole (7) and down through hole (8).

When the stitch worked is rows, the diagonal lines cross each other and resemble a braid.


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  1. I saw a valuable antique rug on Antiques Road Show that was done in this style, and it was just amazing and beautiful. Thankyou for the free instructions, so that I can dabble a bit, and see if I can make something worth keeping! - -Maybe a placemat!