The peculiar fairy tale creatures by Wandmade

Paulina (Wandmade) is a textile artist, not a writer. However, she has found her own way to create fantasy characters: she simply sews them. Her main inspiration comes from all the stories and fairy tales that she has read in her life and from nature. Apart from Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood she loves stories about witches and wizards and probably in the near future she will become one of them.  
Fairy tale creature by Wandmade.

Let’s meet her and get to know more about the peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures that she brings to life with her sewing machine. 

T.d.A: Can you tell us a little bit about your background — where you started, how you got into crafts and why you’re passionate about it?
Paulina: I am from Cracow, beautiful old city with a long,artistic tradition. Both my parents are painters so I was growing up in very creative atmosphere. Unfortunately I also saw how hard is life of people who try to make a living from art. That's why, I chose different way but all my life I felt longing for creativity.

Two years ago I was looking for a gift for my new-born nephew and I couldn't find anything satisfying. Then I have decided to try to do something by myself. I had sewing machine, some fabrics and that's how it started.

Creatures enjoying the view.
T.d.A: What about the fairy-tail characters you make. What is their story?
Paulina: I always loved reading the books and in the matter of fact I thought I will be a writer. The best thing I could imagine was to create new magic worlds populated by fairy-tale characters. My favourite are english books for children. Peter the Rabbit created by Beatrix Potter, the wind in the willows, alice in Wonderland... anthropomorhic, wearing human clothes, talking animals. 
I am trying to sew dolls with their own stories and to make them individual from the begining to the end. I am not using patterns that's why every doll is different and I usually even don't know what it will be like in result.
Benedict,Harry and Arthur
T.d.A: How would you describe your creative process?
Paulina: I am using method similar to patchwork. First of all I am trying to do something I would like to have that's why I think that my dolls are more for adults longing for their childhood than for small children....they can be a hint of fairy tale in any house. When doll is ready I am trying to find good name for him or her and write their own short stories- what is she or he like and what are their hobbies. Every doll has nice label with the name of my company and the other with doll's name and story. And finally I put them to the tasteful box.I am using eco-friendly fabrics and materials.
Emily and Peter

T.d.A: What materials do you use?
Paulina: First I am taking out fabrics which my mum is hunting in the second-hand stores and flea markets. I think they are the best because every single piece have its own story.Then I am deciding what will be the main colour and I am looking for fabrics to fit in with that.I am using cotton, faux fur, fake leather, velvet, corduroy, wool and vintage buttons for eyes. I like sewing teddy bears, cats and rabbits. I have also foxes in my collection. 


T.d.A: Your photos are very interesting. Tell us a bit about the concept of your photos.
Paulina: I live in Iceland. This is very beautiful country with amazing, wild nature. Books and nature-that is my main inspiration. I am trying to combine these two things. That's how I hited on an idea of make photos of my dolls against a background of icelandic landscapes. I think that my dolls sitting on the moss and lava are looking like small travellers from fairy tale.

More information about the artist: Website / Etsy Shop / Facebook Page 

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