Fabric Animal Sculptures by "mysouldesign"

Natalia Lubieniecka is Polish fabric artist living and working for the last 10 years in Austria (Vienna). Her work consists of mysterious owls, feathery spiders, embroidered birds, moths and other creatures most of them with wings. 

For the artist sewing is a form of self-reflection and a way for the soul to go back to childhood. As you can understand, her main inspiration comes from living nature, birds, insects and other animals. Materials which she uses for her work are antique fabrics, lace, buttons, old brooches and other jewelry.

Let’s see a selection of her unique work:
  • Woodpecker, made of cotton, wire and thread. The whole bird is hand painted. The red mane and the vintage lace add character and uniqueness to the bird. Eyes are embroidered by hand.
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  • Soft sculpture fabric owl with imposing open wings.
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  • Elegant, white spider made of cotton, wire and buttons. 
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  • Blue moth. The wings are decorated with old lace. 
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  • Magnificent Peacock and spider. Don't you think the photo looks like a Baroque painting?
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More information about the artist: Shop/ Facebook


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