Roman chain stitch or Open chain stitch

The stitch is also known as ladder stitch, since the result looks like a ladder or rails. It is considered a variation of chain stitch.
open chain stitch, roman chain stitch

a. Draw two parallel lines with a water dissolvable marker or with a pencil. Bring the needle up through point (1).
b. Bring the needle down through (2) and up through (3).
c. Pull the thread gently to create a loose loop. It might be helpful to hold the thread with your left thumb. Do not tighten the loop too much.
d. Bring the needle down through (4) and up through (5). Pull gently, looping the thread around the needle.
e. Bring the needle down through (6) and up through (7).
f. Pull gently, creating the loop. Carefull, not to make the loops too tight.

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You can stitch either in parallel lines creating the ladder effect or in angled lines creating the spider net effect. You can also decorate with beads.

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