Boho-chic tote bag with frayed edges

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Make a large, boho-chic tote bag with frayed edges out of cheap burlap fabric. To make it more unique you can cross stitch the front panel with bird silhouettes on wires. 

1. Begin with the front panel. With needle and thread baste around the design to mark the actual size of the bag. Allow extra fabric on all four edges for the fridges.
Bag width= 15'' or 37cm
Bag hign= 17,7'' or 45 cm
Extra fabric for the fringes on each side= around 1,2'' or 3cm

Total measurements= (16,9''''x 20'') or (43cmx51cm)
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The front panel

2. Cut another panel of equal size out of burlap fabric [(16,9''''x 20'') or (43cmx51cm)].

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The back panel
3. Turn the front panel over and fold the top edge twice.
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4. Stitch the top edge with the sewing machine to ensure that the top edge will not fray.

5. Repeat the same process for the back paner. Fold and sew the top edge of the back panel.

6. Furthermore you can decorate the top edge of the front panel by stitching it with knitting yarn.
cross stitch on burlap fabric

7. Place the two panels, one above the other, wrong sides together. Align their edges.
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8. Baste the panels together with needle and thread. Machine stitch the two panels together along the lines you have previously marked. Stitch again with zig zag stitch. Leave the top side open.
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9. It is time to fray the edges, which is very easy for the burlap fabric.
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10. Lets make the handles. Cut two long strips of burlap fabric, around (5,5''x 36'') or (14cm x 90 cm) each.
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11. Fold the pieces in half lengthwise and press with the iron.
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12. Unfold and fold the long edges toward the center crease. Press with the iron.

13. Refold along center crease and press with the iron.

14. Blanket stitch the edges together to keep the handle folded.

15. The handles are ready.
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16. Hand sew or machine stitch the handles to the bag.

17. The bag is ready.
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