Slip-ons with interesting textiles by Toms

Selection of slip-on shoes with embroidered, hand woven, laser cut or crochet textiles by Toms.
  • Hand woven slip ons. The colourful textile was created by Guatemalan artisans using a hand-dyeing technique known as ikat. This traditional process creates a desired pattern on the yarn before it’s woven into fabric; the result produces a unique and colorful textile.
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  • Broderie anglaise slip ons. With a colorful base and broderie anglaise overlay, these Classics have understated flower power.

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  • Crochet's airy slip ons. This crochet's airy design, with laser-cut upper, is bright, breezy and beautiful slip on. 
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  • Vegan and recycable slip ons. Both outsole and insole are made with PLUSFoam, a proprietary recyclable material while upper is made with 77% hemp and 23% recycled plastic. Shoe has antibacterial properties, reducing odor. 
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  • Hand painted slip-on shoes. These shoes are individually hand-painted by an artist from Haiti Artist collective, so no tho shoes are the same. 
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