How to make a twisted cord

Twisted cords are very easy to make by using strands of yarn, rope, leather, silk, etc and they can be used in bags, cushions, garments, curtains etc. You can use more colors to make multicolored cords or even hand painted cotton yarn. You can also use even or odd number of strands. For unusual cords, try to mix yarns of different types and thicknesses.
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1. You can make cords any size you need. At first you have to decide how thick you want your finished cord to be. If you use, for example only two strands of yarn the final cord will be thin, but if you use 4 or 6 strands of yarn the cord will be thicker.

After deciding, how thick your cord will be, think about the length of the cord. A rough estimate is that your finished cord will be about three to four times shorter that the yarn you start out with. The finished length also depends on the thickness of the strands: The thicker the yarn the shorter the cord. So, the strands, should be three to four times longer than the desired cord length.

In this tutorial, I've used four strands of yarn: Two purlple and two black.

2. Knot the strands together at both ends.
overhand knot

3. Hook the one end of the loop over an object that will stay stable, like for example a chair leg, a door knob, a bottle, a pencil held by an assistant, etc. You can also pin down the one end of the loop.

4. Start twisting the strands of yarn together in one direction (e.g counterclockwise).

5. Twist until the strands are tightly twisted together. Stop twisting, when if you loosen the tension, the yarn starts to twirl around itself.
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5. Place your finger of your one hand at the center point of the twisted yarn and with your other hand bring the two ends together. The twisted yarn is folded in half. Keep the yarn taut.

6. Catch both ends with your one hand and release your finger, from the center point. Let the cord twist itself together. Adjust the twist of the cord if necessary to get it even all along its length.
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5. Tie the ends together and with scissors trim the tassel.

6. The cord is ready. Although, this cord is rarther short you can make cords of any length. Probaby, if you want to make a long cord, you'll need the assistance of another person.
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Watch the video on how to make a two strands cord.


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  1. Just what I wanted to know! The length of beginning strands to produce a given length cord. Thank you.