Asa-No-Ha pattern: Variations and experiments

Even a traditional pattern, which has been used for centuries in decorative arts, can still be further developed and change in order to give completely new and original results. Take for example the Asa-No-Ha pattern, a well-known and popular pattern in Japanese culture, and try the following variations. 

  • Experiment with a monochromatic color scheme. Use for the design lines and the background two tones of the same color.   
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  • Experiment with complementary colors. A pair of complementary colors, when placed next to each other, they create the strongest contrast and reinforce each other. In painting, the traditional complementary color pairs, are red-green, yellow-violet and blue-orange. 
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  • Experiment with a harmonious color scheme, by choosing colors that sit one next to the other on the color wheel or very close to it. 
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  • Experiment with a black background, in front of which the design lines will seem more vivid and intense.
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  • Experiment with black & white trying to make the shape of the stars less clear.
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  • Experiment with grayscale tones. 
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  • Use a solid color to highlight the stars. 
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  • Use dashed lines to achieve the effect of sashiko embroidery.
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  • Add a shape at the center of each star. 
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  • Highlight some parts of the design lines and delete the rest of the lines. 
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  • Experiment with black, white and one more solid color.
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