An abstract patchwork inspired by Mondrian's art work

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Follow the instruction below to make an unexpected, abstract patchwork. No matter how many times you'll repeat the process the result will be always unique. 

1. Cut some strips of plain fabric- for example one black, one white and one red strip. Make the size of the fabric strips as follows:
White= 5' x 30'
Black= 5' x 30'
Red = 2.5' x 30'
Seam these pieces together with the sewing machine along their long edges.

Cut three long strips of fabric and seam them along their long edges.

2. Use a ruler to divide the three-color strip into parallel sections of several lengths, across the seam.
3. Cut the strip with a roller cuter (or scissors).

4. Rearrange the resulting strips, vertically or horizontally, and stitch them up with the sewing machine. Press seams with the iron sideways.
5. Cut the excess fabric to make the pieces rectangular.

6. Make more parallel cuts anywhere across the samples, without much though and consideration. Make both horizontal or vertical cuts.

7. Rearrange the pieces again, seam them together and press with the iron. Cut the excess fabric to make the samples rectangular.

8. Continue cutting, rearranging and seaming the new pieces creating gradually an abstract composition. Finally, straighten the edges to get a rectangular piece.

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  • Make a patchwork with four colors (grey, black, green, blue)
multicolor patchwork, modern patchwork, textile art, patchwork art, abstract textiles,
  • Experiment with two colors (black and white)
black and white patchwork,

  • Pillows
patchwork pillow, modern cushion, contemporary cushion, art cushion, patchwork cushion

  • Bowls
fabric bowl, textile bowl


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