A quilted and reversible fabric bowl.

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Make a flexible and washable fabric bowl for fruits and bread. You can also use it as a container for small items. In this project it was used a multicolor patchwork piece (top side) and a a black fabric (bottom side). 
  • Cut two squares out of cotton fabric. Size of each square: 18''X18'' (46X46cm). 
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    An abstract piece of patchwork
black fabric, a piece of black fabric,
A piece of plain color fabric

  •  Cut two more rectangles out of quilt batting around 20''X20'' (50X50cm). The batting must be a bit larger than the outer fabrics. 
quilt batting,

  • Take the patchwork piece and the one quilt batting and lay them one above the other. 
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Lay the patchwork piece above the quilt batting piece
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        • Align the edges of the fabrics and baste them together with thread. To baste them make some rough running stitches from the center outwards. With the sewing machine make stitches from the center outwards to quilt the patchwork. In this projects, the stitches were made haphazardly around the black and grey shapes. 
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        Quilt the patchwork piece
        • The quilted piece.
        The front side of the quilted piece. 
        The back side of the quilted piece. 
        • After the quilting process, you'll need to straighten the edges again with the scissors.
        Straighten the edges with scissors.
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        • Take the black fabric piece and the interfacing (quilt batting) and lay them one above the other. 
        • With the sewing machine, stitch some parallel, diagonal lines to quilt the black fabric. 

        • Fold the fabric in the middle. With a marker pen draw two darts at the back side of the quilted piece. 
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        The dimensions of the angled lines might differ. By changing the angle you can make from an open bowl to a bowl with vertical sides. 
        • Sew the folded piece along the dart lines with the sewing machine.  

        • Fold again the piece in the middle, draw darts on the other two sides and sew along these lines. 

        • The basket has started to take shape. 
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        • Cut the four triangles to reduce bulk. 

        • The first part of the bowl is ready. 

        • Repeat the final steps to give the quilted patchwork piece the shape of a bowl. 

        • Turn the first bowl, inside out, so the black fabric to be outside. 
        • Rlace the two bowls, one inside the other, with their right sides together. 

        • Align the edges of the two pieces. 

        • Sew along the perimeters, leaving a hole, enough to put later your hand, in order to turn the bowl, inside out. 

        • Place your hand inside the hole, and turn the bowl, inside out. 

        • Use needle and thread to close the hole. 

        • The bowl is ready. 

        Experiment further, with the size of the darts to make more open bowls. 

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