Folding the fabric into equal sixteen creases

Of, course you can measure the piece of fabric with a ruler and divide it into sixteen. However, it is much more accurate and quicker to make the creases by hand, by folding the fabric into halves, then quarters, and so on.
how to fold fabric, how to divide into sixteen

Follow the instructions.
1. Fold the edge number 1 to the edge number 2. The fabric is folded in half.

2. Unfold the fabric. Fold the two edges number 3 to the center line number 4.
3. Unfold the fabric. Fold the edge number 5 to the crease number 6
4. Unfold the fabric. Fold the edge number 7 to the crease number 8. 
5. Unfold the fabric. Fold the edges number 9 to the creases number 10. 
6. You have created seven valley folds. Turn the fabric over. Now you see seven mountain folds. With pins mark each anternate mountain crease. 

7. Fold the edge number 11 to the edges number 12, making four new folds. 

8. Repeat the previous step with the other edge of the fabric, making four new folds. The piece of fabric is now divided into equal sixteenths. 

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