Fabric collage using leftover fabric scraps

When you work with fabric, you end up with a lot of tiny and odd-shaped fabric pieces that you don't want to throw away. Patchwork and appliqué are two techniques that were probably conceived from the necessity to re-use fabric scraps.
The following project is an idea of keeping and re-using even the most tiny fabric pieces, to create colorful and unexpected compositions. 
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Cushion cover/ Fabric collage/

To make the outline of the composition more clear and to enrich the pattern, I added some embroidered shapes. The running stitch created the effect of a dashed line. 
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Cushion cover/ Fabric collage
The result is a geometric and playful cushion cover. However, the composition resulted in a totally haphazard way.

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Cushion cover/ Fabric collage

How to make your own fabric collage:

1. Cut a piece of foundation fabric. Select a neutral color, for example black, white or grey fabric.

2. Take several fabric scraps and cut them, either with the scissors or with the roller cutter, into smaller shapes (triangles, squares, rectangles, polygons). Use a common glue stick and glue them randomly on the foundation fabric.

3. Do not think too much about the arrangements of the pieces. Trust your instict and create a rather haphazard composition. Group some colors toghether and mix some others.

 4. Fill gradually the surface with fabric scraps
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5. Use your sewing machine to make dense zig zag stitches around the edges of the pieces. It is probably easier to glue and sew only a few pieces at a time and not altogether. With a small scissors cut the excess fabric around the zig-zag stitches.
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