Hand embroidery on burlap

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Rug making on burlap/ image: Wikipedia.org
Burlap, it is also called hessian cloth or sack fabric, is an evenweave fabric with a rustic, warm and natural look. It is usually made from skin of the jute plant or sisal fibres and used to make sacks and bags.

Although, hessian has been historically produced as a coarse fabric, today it is also used as an eco-friendly material for bags, rugs, cushions, place mats, table runners and other products. 

The texture, color and especially the contrast between the raw surface and the delicate embroidery are only some of the features that have inspired many contemporary embroiderers.  

  • A burlap clutch bag with a hand-embroidered rose garden by . This zipper pouch is hand-embroidered with two shades of pink roses on ling green stems. 

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  • A linen burlap basket with embroidered sunflowers by .This hand embroidered storage basket is made from a densely woven linen burlap fabric. 
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  • A pillow cover with geometric design and hand-stitched with knitting yarn by Anna Bonarou. 
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  • A vintage burlap bag purse, from the 70s, embellished with crewelwork embroidery by AligrasThe multicolor features a repeating pattern made of diamonds, stripes & triangles.
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  • Needlework art on burlap by . The abstract embroidered design consists of several concentric cirlces. 
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