Fantastic Fibers 2017 / Deadline 4 February 2017

Deadline: 4 February 2017

FANTASTIC FIBERS is an international juried exhibition that seeks to showcase a wide range of outstanding works related to the fiber medium. One of Yeiser Art Center’s most engaging, innovative & colorful international exhibits, Fantastic Fibers is an inspirational “must see” for fine artists, quilters and textile art enthusiasts across the globe.

Entry Fee:25$
Link: Fantastic Fibers 
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Tutorial 06: Stitching Sunset Flower

In this project you will stitch a floral synthesis, inspired by Gaillardia Sunset spice. Before you start stitching it is a good idea to search for relevant photos to see how the real flower looks like.
embroidery, stitching, flower, floral, leafs

Tutorial 05: How to stitch narrow, long plants

In this tutorial you'll learn how to stitch plants with long and narrow leaves, such as grass, narrow leaves, branches, etc. This project was worked with stem stitch, though you can other stitches such as the chain stitch, the split stitch, the back stitch, etc.
silk shading. thread painting, grass, plants, leaves

Tutorial 04: Flower with petals

The process is similar to petal stitching with long and short stitches. However, in this tutorial you are going to learn and practice two more popular techniques in thread painting:
a) Mixing threads of different colors.
b) Adding darker or lighter shades and details with 1-strand thread.
flower, petal, embroidery, stitching, thread painting, needle painting, silk shading

Tutorial 03: How to satin stitch small leaves

Flowers and leaves are probably the most popular motif in surface hand embroidery. In this tutorial you 'll learn how to stitch tiny leaves with slanted satin stitch.
slanted satin stitch, satin stitch, leaves, thread painting, silk shading


Tutorial 02: Flower Embroidery/ Thread Painting/ Silk shading a leaf

Follow the step by step instructions or see the video. You'll stitch the leaf with long and short stitches using three shades of green. At the central vein the contrast between light and dark shades gives more depth to the leaf. 
leaf, embroidery, stitches, stitching, long and short stitches, flower

Tutorial 01: Flower Embroidery/ Thread Painting/ Silk shading a flower petal (Photos & Video)

You can either follow the step by step instructions with photos or see the video. Petals and flower are most typically stitched with long & short satin stitches.  
  • Anchor 144 (light blue)
  • Anchor 145 (light blue)
  • Anchor 146 (light blue)
  • Anchor 410 (vivid blue)